The company to ensure a reasonable process bidding equipment and manufacturing materials qualified and become, and in accordance with the tender documents, the provisions of the contract quality, specifications and performance requirements. To ensure the correct installation of equipment, normal operation and maintenance.

field service During the installation, commissioning and quality assurance, we will send experienced engineers to the scene technology to provide reliable services for users. Specific for: the installation and commissioning period: send engineers or technicians to the scene to guide the installation and provide technical services; to provide the necessary training for the user, the user can skillfully operate; guiding equipment running test and inspection, if found quality problems due to test equipment and the equipment performance and the original technical requirements have deviation, the company responsible for the solution, until the meet the requirements. Quality guarantee period: send professional engineering and technical personnel to guide operation; during normal operation: according to customer requirements, the relevant personnel dispatch at any time to the site for customer service.

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